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  • How does the automatic liking process work?

    Instamacro is a script that logs in to Instagram with your account and gives likes to all new photos of others. As a result, the owners of those photos check your gallery and can like you or follow you back.

  • Is it safe?

    We have identified the speed of the script so that your activity won't get noticed. We are working since 20th January 2013. During this time none of our users was banned or had his account exploited in any other way.

  • Why do you need my Instagram login & password?

    Instamacro emulates your activity by giving hundreds of likes per hour. For this purpose we have to know your login and password. We never use your credentials without your explicit permission.

  • Why can't I login?

    Sometimes we exceed Instagram's login limit or doesnt get response from Instagram. In this case we advise you to wait for a couple of minutes and retry logging in.

  • My script stopped, why?

    Because you've either changed your password or that we couldn't receive response from your account several times. We recommend you to relogin and start your liking process again.

  • Why is Instamacro sometimes slow?

    We depend on Instagram's performance. During peak hours their servers might be up to 10 times slower that usual. In this case we cannot make our scripts work faster than Instagram's servers are responding. If you happen to notice that your script got stuck or is very slow for more than a couple of hours, contact us.

  • What is specific hashtags used for?

    By default, we use the most popular hashtags to do likes on photos. You can choose to like only photos with a specific hashtags in order to attract a specific audience. Keep in mind though that specifying a hash tag may decrease the liking speed and the script's efficiency.

  • Why am I getting fake followers?

    We are doing auto-liking on your account to make users to get attention to your gallery. There are other bots out there, so by just liking photos or commenting on pictures, your usernames can be potentially scraped by other bots that will follow spam you. Those fake followers are simply from another source.