Could Instagram Be the “Go-To” Social Media App in 2017?

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Could Instagram Be the “Go-To” Social Media App in 2017?

Social media platforms are becoming somewhat of a common commodity. Okay, not even somewhat - social media platforms and profiles alike are becoming a major part of society. All the way from our favorite actors and actresses, down to the best basketball player in the world, just about everybody has their toes dipped into the social media pool. In doing so, it also means that a lot of people are hopping on the Instagram train, which is completely fine; given that you understand what you’re getting into. Instagram isn’t just your typical social media application, it’s developed into something much more than that. In the beginning, it was just a way to show your friends what you’ve been up to in the form of a picture post; but now there are “meme pages” selling shout outs for $50 a piece. The game has changed, and it seems like 2017 is going to be a year for Instagram to truly flourish (that is, if it isn’t already doing so).

Instagram isn’t just a personal platform anymore, but something that businesses and entrepreneurs can turn to for their marketing needs. Marketing on Instagram is an entire industry now, and the results that you can get out of it are quite immaculate. Instagram is clearly the winner for “go-to” social media application of 2017, and this article is going to talk about why.

New Features Being Implemented
You know about Snapchat and their story features, but what about Instagram? Instagram has released a new feature that allows people to update their profile with little clips throughout the day, giving their followers a glimpse of what it was like to be in their shoes. It’s perfect for celebrities that rely on fans (like Kim Kardashian, or anybody, really), as it allows them to feel closer. The closer your fans feel to you are, the more willing they’ll be to opening up their wallets. There are constant updates to Instagram, with plenty of features being added on a consistent basis. Just recently they added a slide show feature, which just goes to show you how dedicated the Instagram team is to making new features a focus. As time progresses, they’re going to add more and more things to the application. Another neat feature that was added to Instagram recently is the “Instagram Live” option. It seems as if they’re taking notes from some of the other popular social media applications around, as it’s a live-streaming service that allows you to broadcast out for your followers in real-time. That’s right, if you wanted to have a makeshift Instagram Live concert, you could do exactly that.

Instagram is perfect for an abundance of different venues, but some of the more obvious ones would be:
  • Retail Business
  • Social Networking
  • Testing Ads
  • Sharing Content
  • And, of course, hitting up old (and current) friends!
You aren’t just sharing photos with this application anymore, the roots have grown much deeper than that. Marketing is a very big industry to consider when it comes to Instagram, which is what we’re going to look at in the next section.

Instagram Video
One of the most important features that have been implemented into the platform recently would be Instagram Video, which allows people to post small clips as opposed to just pictures. This took a lot of people by surprise, and pushed Instagram into the leading role when it comes to social media platforms (in my opinion, at least). When you have a strong platform that is constantly updating, but also making strides to introduce features that change the way people operate on a daily basis, it’s going to have people talking.

It used to be Vine, with their short little 6 second clips; but we all know that train has since rode off into the sunset. It’s all about Instagram now, and every single aspect of marketing you could ever need can be handled on there. Whether you have audio, pictures or film, you can still have some success with this social media application. If you’ve got awesome content to share with the world, you’ll build a buzz eventually. Instagram Video is great because it doesn’t limit you.

Marketing on Instagram - What Is It?

When there is an opportunity to post something that you’ve personally created, there will be an opportunity to make some money. You never know who’s going to be checking out your Instagram profile, and there are plenty of cases where a young adult goes “viral” with a product of theirs. These days, there are people who use Instagram as their sole means of promotion. They have thousands upon thousands of loyal followers waiting to see what their opinion is on certain subjects, and that translates into marketing power. Marketing is a numbers game, so when you have a large crowd to spread the message to, you can expect to see more conversions.

Marketing on Instagram is done through promoted posts, which can be handled through Instagram itself or by contacting other Instagram profiles. There are tons of profiles that have dedicated fans, so by contacting them and working out a promotion deal, you can try and appeal towards the fans they’ve already managed to gather. Becoming popular on Instagram isn’t easy by any means, and while it had the potential to happen overnight, the odds are very slim. Like I said before, there are people who make a living by selling promotions on Instagram - that wouldn’t be the case if it wasn’t a serious transaction leading to realistic money-making potential.

Changing How We View Online Communities
Instagram is changing the way we look at online communities, as certain Instagram profiles have much more power over opinion than most of us. If you have 100k followers on Instagram, that essentially means there is an opportunity to sell your product to over 100k people, every single time you’ve made a post. Marketing companies would love to have a process that allows them to automatically promote their product to well over a few hundred thousand individuals. Online communities can be put together through a variety of different ways, they could just share a common interest in one specific profile or follow a few specific hashtags.

Online communities are no longer small and privatized, for the most part; as social media applications like Instagram are bringing us together with ease. Of course, that also comes with arguments in the comment section - but that’s just the way of the internet.

Taking the Good From the “Bad”
There are a lot of relationships that you can tie from Instagram to other social media platforms. For example, there are a lot of people who think that Instagram stole their "Instagram Stories" idea from Snapchat and their entire Story process - but almost every single social media application is heading the same sort of process. Facebook is testing out messages that can disappear from messenger, much like you would experience when sending a Snapchat; YouTube is testing out features that allow creators to post text and image-based posts (like you would see on Facebook). I feel like the end of 2017, you’ll see a lot of social media applications allow people to:

  • Both create and share their video content
  • Create and share video content of the live variety
  • Look up news and what’s going on the world recently
Does that sound familiar? It kind of seems like Instagram has everything covered already! It essentially means that there needs to be one major social media application, one that trumps all others in every single aspect - and I honestly feel like it may be Instagram. I don’t find myself looking through the Twitter timeline as I used to, instead, I find myself scrolling down my Instagram explore page. It’s going to recommend content that it suitable towards your interests, and if something doesn’t tickle your fancy, you’re able to remove it and see lesser posts of that nature.

There’s a Reason Why So Many People Are Focusing on Instagram Now
If you’re looking to stay ahead of the curve, it’s best to jump on the Instagram trend right now. A lot of companies and professional entertainers are using Instagram as their main social media platform - although you could argue that actors and actresses still see Facebook as a viable option. Realistically, Facebook has become a place where middle-aged people go to check up on their favorite celebrity names. Is there anything wrong with that? Not at all! But if we’re talking about 2017, we must keep things modern and youthful.

It’s the perfect platform for anybody who is just looking for a bit of entertainment, but also ideal for someone who is interested in investing money towards a new marketing tactic. Instagram seems like it’s going to be picking up the pace all the way throughout 2017, and if the recent features they’ve introduced are any sort of foreshadow, we can expect amazing things to come from the development team.