Instagram Strategies Guaranteed to Boost Your Brand

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Instagram Strategies Guaranteed to Boost Your Brand

You’ve made your Instagram for Business account. You’ve uploaded a professional logo, added a snazzy bio which includes a link to your website, and posted a few photos that represent your brand. Now what?

We’re glad you asked. In our Insta marketing strategy guide, you’ll learn all you need to know about how to use Instagram to promote your brand and gain real Instagram followers that will genuinely engage with your posts.

Marketing Your Brand on Instagram: The Basics
Instagram boasts over 500 million users. These days, businesses can’t afford not to be on Instagram, considering the sheer size of its potential customer base there. Not sure how to use Instagram for marketing your brand? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

  • Add relevant hashtags to posts – but don’t go overboard. Adding too many hashtags can actually hurt your cause. The general rule of thumb is to add between five to fifteen hashtags to each post. Any more than that and you may as well not add them at all.
  • Use custom hashtags. When you’re drafting your marketing strategy, take a few minutes to brainstorm some custom hashtags for your business. What’s your business or brand called? Use it as a hashtag. Try to think of something funny or creative – a play on words, perhaps – to make your custom hashtags memorable.
  • Respond to comments. In a world where automation seems to be king, real engagement shouldn’t be underestimated. Even if you use an Instagram bot like Instamacro to automate your account while you’re away, you should try to respond to comments yourself when you can. This will increase your brand’s reputation with customers.
  • Appeal to your target audience, but don’t hard sell. Flooding your followers’ Insta feeds with pushy, ad-like posts will turn off potential customers. Tailor your posts to your target audience in a way which makes them want to engage with your brand, rather than simply pushing them to purchase your product or service.
  • Focus on the experience, not the product. If your Instagram page is filled with different photos of the same product, users will find it a little boring. It’s fine to post photos of your product now and then, but be sure to mix it up a little. Try to post exciting, engaging photos which portray the experience that your product or service offers customers.
  • Promote your Instagram on your other social networks. One of the best ways to increase your organic reach is to cross promote your Instagram on your other professional social networks. These days, almost everyone has more than one social media account. It’s likely that your Facebook fans also have Instagram, so try promoting your Insta on your Facebook. There’s a good chance your Facebook fans will follow you on Instagram, too. Same goes for your other social networks.
  • Don’t post too frequently. Spamming your followers’ feed with a post every hour may give off the impression that you’re trying too hard to sell your product or service. Work out a regular posting schedule that works for your business.

Tips for Gaining Real Instagram Followers and Likes
We say “real” followers and likes because there are more than enough spam accounts out there, and they won’t do much to promote your brand. Sure, they’ll inflate your follower count, which can look impressive at first glance. But they won’t provide you with real engagement or customers, which is what you want. Follow our tips to get real Instagram likes and followers real fast.

  • Monitor your page’s Insights carefully. Insights are Instagram’s own analytics. Insights will provide you with invaluable information on the types of Insta users who follow your account and engage with your posts. Keeping an eye on your Insights is essential if you want to promote your brand and maximize your audience.
  • Keep up with trending topics on Instagram. Just like Twitter, Instagram now has trending hashtags. Trends come and go as fast as lightning, and keeping up with every single trend is impossible. If you ever notice a trending hashtag that’s related to your brand, create a post using the hashtag while it’s still trending. This will put your brand in front of thousands of potential customers.
  • Use Instagram bots for automation. You’re busy. It’s difficult to run your business and all the social media accounts you’ve created for it at the same time. That’s why bots, or social media automation services, are widely available to do the hard work for you.

    But not all bots are created equal. Many Instagram bots follow thousands of spam accounts, which yields only a few hundred new followers at best – most of which are probably spam accounts. Instamacro, on the other hand, seeks out real, unique followers who fit your target demographic. No other Instagram bot can do that. Plus, you have full control over how and when Instamacro runs.
  • Encourage your followers to use your custom hashtags. This may not work for every business, but it’s especially good for those looking to promote their products. For example, let’s say your business is a clothing brand. You could post a photo of one of your customers wearing your clothes with a caption like, “Love your gear? Show it off using #YourCustomHashtagHere. We’ll like every post.”

    Promising to like each post which includes the hashtag will make your followers feel like you’re really paying attention. Who wouldn’t want their favorite clothing brand to like their post on Insta? (And if you can’t like every single post under the hashtag, you can set up Instamacro to do it for you.)
There is no one-size-fits-all formula to using Instagram to promote your brand or boosting your Instagram likes and followers. But there is one trick: be creative. Potential customers don’t want to be bullied into buying something. You have to make them want to invest in your brand by showing them how it will benefit them. Since it’s a largely visual platform, Instagram is the best place to do that.