Fake vs. Real Instagram Followers

There are a lot of things to worry about on Instagram and other social media platforms, on of those main concerns being real versus fake followers. Figuring out whether you’re marketing to fake or real followers can be a big deal, as it’s going to determine whether your efforts are in vain (or not). In some cases, boosting your follower count with some fakes is a great idea; but we’ll get into that a bit further down in this piece. First off, let’s talk about the main difference between a real and fake follower – this information could help you spit fakes from a mile away.

Real vs. Fakes
In order to point out the difference, just using social media platforms (like Instagram) will expose you to the wonderful world of fake followers. Real people are going to be much more appreciative than fake accounts, as most of them are just looking to do some marketing of their own. There are a few telltale signs in regards to a fake follower, and they are pretty obvious. Once you’ve been taught to search them out, there’s pretty much no way for you to get them mixed up!

Profiles – If the profile you’re looking at doesn’t sport any pictures, or simply has pictures with obvious links on them, odds are they’re a marketing account (and thus, a fake follower). These fake accounts don’t have profiles that are filled out, and when they are filled out, it’s usually with random words (or something that has to do with a hot woman looking for a date). Don’t get suckered in and start to think that these are legitimate followers!

Follower Count – Most fake accounts are going to have little to no following at all, as they aren’t really a part of the Instagram community. If you want to make the most out of your Instagram efforts, you’ll need to decipher which accounts you should be caring about.

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