Third-Party Automation Services to Connect Your Social Media Accounts

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Third-Party Automation Services to Connect Your Social Media Accounts

If you're using Instamacro to automate your Instagram, why not use third-party services to automate your Instagram and other social networks?

Posting unique content on all your social media accounts can be tedious. Saving and sharing that content on other social networks is also time-consuming. No one wants to upload the same photo to four different social networks four separate times.

That's why third-party apps are so useful. Not only can they save content from your social media accounts, but they can also share content automatically from one network to another. The best part? Many of them are completely free to use.

How Third-Party Automation Works

Third-party automation apps work using triggers and actions. The trigger is an event that, as the name suggests, causes an action. The action occurs instantly once the trigger is met.

Let's say you've created an applet that automatically shares your Instagram posts to Facebook when you use a certain hashtag. That hashtag would be the trigger for the action - sharing the photo to Facebook. As long as the applet is active, the action will automatically occur.

Third-party applets won't automatically post to your social media accounts unless you set them to. You can always turn an applet off if you don't need it.

Automation services don't just automate social media, though. Many automation services connect hundreds of apps together, including all Google services, cloud storage apps, and task managers.

So how does that work? Let's say you use Gmail on your iPhone. You can activate an applet that automatically creates iPhone reminders for starred emails. No need to do it manually.

Best Automation Services for Connecting Social Media Networks

Here are some of our favorite third-party automation services for social media.

IFTTT stands for If This, Then That. IFTTT is the most popular third-party automation service, and offers thousands of applets.

Useful Instagram Applets on IFTTT:

Looking for applets to connect your Instagram account with your other social networks and cloud services? We've rounded up some of the best Instagram integration applets available on IFTTT.

Native Photos on Twitter
If you share your Instagram photos to Twitter, you know that Twitter converts Instagram posts into a clickable link instead of posting the actual photo. This is a little annoying, especially for those who don't use Instagram.

Research shows that social media users react better to visual content, and are less likely to click standalone links that aren't accompanied by some form of visual media. That means your Twitter followers probably won't click the link to your Instagram post. With this IFTTT applet, your Instagram photos are automatically shared to Twitter as photos, not links.

Add New Instagram Posts to a Pinterest Board
Like sharing your Instagram posts on Pinterest? Save yourself a few clicks with this useful applet! All you need to do to activate this applet is set a specific hashtag for posts you want to add to your Pinterest board. Then, just add that hashtag to your Instagram posts, and let the applet handle the rest.

Share Instagrams tagged with #FB to Facebook
Sharing your photos to Facebook from Instagram has never been easier. Simply activate this applet, add #FB to the Instagram posts you want to share to Facebook, and they'll automatically be shared to Facebook.

Turn Instagrams into Blog Posts on Wordpress
Are you a blogger? Wish there was an easier way to share your Instagram photos in a blog post? Now there is! To activate this applet, you'll need to set a specific hashtag to use on the photos you want to upload in a blog post. Then, all you'll need to do is add that hashtag to your Instagram posts and let the applet do its thing.

Back up your Instagram photos on a cloud service
Want to make sure you don't lose your precious Instagram photos if something happens to your account? Find an applet that connects your Instagram to your favorite cloud service account.

IFTTT offers applets for automatically saving Instagram posts to Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, and OneNote.

Want to see everything you can do with IFTTT and Instagram? Check out the full list of applets.

Zapier works similarly to IFTTT. Zapier applets are called Zaps.

Useful Zaps for Instagram:

Receive email notifications for new hashtag mentions
The Instagram app doesn't let you follow individual hashtags. If you want to keep up with new posts within a hashtag, activate this Zap. You'll automatically receive an email whenever someone creates a post using that hashtag. You can set the email to send daily, weekly, or monthly.

This Zap is great for businesses wanting to keep up with a custom hashtag on Facebook. No need to spend hours searching through hashtags.

Zapier offers many of the same connection services as IFTTT. Find out more about how you can use Zapier to integrate your Instagram to your other services.

How to Use Third-Party Automation Services

Using services like IFTTT and Zapier has never been easier. Simply sign up for a free account, browse the available applets, and activate the ones you find most useful.

You can also create your own applets using both IFTTT and Zapier. Although this will be a little more difficult, both services make it easy. You can choose from a list of pre-defined triggers and actions based on your own needs. Get creative and experiment with the applet builders.

IFTTT is completely free to use, and works well for individuals. However, if you're a developer hoping to use the platform to create services or custom applets for your own brand, it'll cost you a pretty penny. Find out more about IFTTT's pricing options.

Zapier offers a free plan, too, although you're limited to five Zaps. That's why it's better suited for businesses that have the capital to pay for a monthly subscription. This lets you access Zapier's premium Zaps create complex zaps with more triggers and actions.

Not only can third-party automation revolutionize your social media experience, but it can also maximize productivity in other areas of your life by automating actions for your email accounts, notetaking platforms, and task managers.

Third-party automation services give you more control over how your social media content is shared, while simultaneously saving you time and clicks. Using a third-party automation service in combination with Instamacro will streamline your Instagram account in ways you never thought possible!

Curious about how it works? Give it a try today!