Top 10 Apps to Enhance Your Photos & Videos On Instagram

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Top 10 Apps to Enhance Your Photos & Videos On Instagram

Instagram is always going to be a very popular social media platform (at least, per the foreseeable future!). It allows us to not only with friends from both the past and present, but it allows us to share our sentiments in regards to specific topics, ideas and events. It’s an application that has all sorts of nifty features, and they’re still bringing in new stuff - not too long ago, they introduced “Instagram Live” (which was a sort of live-streaming service).

Whatever you plan on doing with Instagram, I would suggest you do it with a few apps to help enhance your posts. Instagram can be somewhat limited in regards to the filters available, and some people have favorites (while others hate them completely). I’m here today to talk about 10 different apps I’ve grown quite fond of, as they have helped me create some of my most popular Instagram posts. If you love Instagram, you’re going to love these applications - trust me on that one!

The Applications
When it comes to mobile pictures, some people would claim that they are professionals. Snapseed is an app that helps deal with redeye reduction, as well as allows you to tilt and shift your pictures (or even introduced textured filters!). In terms of tools available in this application, it’s probably the most versatile Instagram photo/video editor you’ll ever come across. When you need to make specific portions of a picture pop out, this is the application to do it with.

Slow Shutter Cam
There are pictures all over the internet that feature slow shutter speeds, and they turn out fantastic. The letters are glowing and the lights/shapes in the night seem as if they are floating on thin air. It’s a cool experience and allows you to capture some nifty moments. With a few glow sticks, or anything light-related, the Slow Shutter Cam is an Instagram application that will let you create high-exposure images with your tablet or smartphone.

Quick (Text)
If you wanted to toss some text on a picture very quickly, there are (of course) plenty of apps to do so with. But with Quick, you’ll get a lot more than just your average fonts - as well as a user-friendly layout that is easy to use. It’s available for both iPhone and Android, and is perfect for businesses who use Instagram to promote new products and events. Take a cool picture, slap some font on and you’re good to go!

If you’ve ever seen those posts that feature 3 or 4 images that relate to one another, they more than likely used PicFrame to put it together. PicFrame is an application that allows you to select multiple photos, and then organize them into a patchwork posts of sorts. It’s like making your very own collage image to post on social media! Whether you want to compare 4 different items, or just put together 4 related pictures, this is an awesome application to include in the mix.

This is an application that will allow you to tune your pictures, giving them a vintage touch in the process. There are plenty of era’s to work with, all of which feature different filters and picture settings. You could turn your picture into one from the 60’s, 70’s or even 20’s if you felt like it! If you wanted a nice Sepia effect or simply a 70’s dance filter, Vintagio has you covered. It’s available for iPhone and Android, making it a versatile retro phone camera that everyone can use!

8mm Vintage Camera
If Vintagio wasn’t intuitive enough for you, the 8mm Vintage Camera application is worth a look. It features a plethora of effects in terms of shooting videos with your device, and will give the clips a retro vibe. You can add dusts, scratched and even flickering frames if you’d like - as well as light leaks and many other vintage filters. Edit the video outside of Instagram, and then import it with the new “Instagram Import” feature!

Pic Stitch
“Pic Stitch” is another collage creator, allowing users to patch together photos as they please. When compared to the other collage application I talked about on this list, this one could be a little more popular - it’s the app that most people use when creating these posts. If you don’t feel the need to share individual pictures, you can just group them together in one photo! It won’t clog up you or your friend’s Instagram timeline, and everyone remains happy - it’s a win-win situation.

This application allows you to make sure the photo you’re sharing is a square. This is the most optimal shape for Instagram, of course, as the dimensions for posts are presented in a square format. If you crop the picture into a square, you’re bound to lose pixels and detail - so what do you do? Squaready is an application that will ensure nobody is accidentally cut out of the picture.

DXP Free
Double exposure pictures are quite popular nowadays, and you can even shoot them with your smartphone or other devices! DXP Free gives the photographer an opportunity to double-expose photos, without paying a penny. There are 18 compositions to choose from, as well as plenty of other effects to love. Blending and mixing images with this double exposure application has never been so simple.

If you’re using Instagram for business purposes, Superimpose could “impose” itself upon your social media experience. This application allows you to change the background of an image with ease, which can turn out to be quite useful. Without this app, the requirement of Photoshop was a necessity - but things have changed. You’ll be able to blend images, change backgrounds and even swap faces with this application! Superimpose is fantastic for the graphical design gurus out there.

There you have it! We’ve looked at 10 Individual Instagram applications that should do a great job in regards to turning your social media game up. Now get out there and create some pretty posts!