Why an Instagram Bot is becoming the Go to Option for Instagrammers?

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Why an Instagram Bot is becoming the Go to Option for Instagrammers?

Instagram bot - The new wonder kid on the block
As digitization and the scope of digital marketing grows, more and more businesses, brands and even individuals are flocking to the social media scene to promote themselves, their ideas, products, services, causes and practically anything that can be sold or promoted!

With over 500 million monthly active users, Instagram is the hottest property now on the social media circuit. As it is a visual media site where you can promote beautiful photos and videos using hashtags strategically, your content can go viral around the world in a matter of minutes or hours if you have domain authority, a celebrity status or know how to leverage the power of hashtags to your advantage.

However, most people don’t have the time or the energy to spend hours, following, liking, commenting and sharing other posts made by people from their own industry or who share similar interests. The benefits are tangible because when you start engaging with other profiles, they can like back, follow back or comment back on your posts. This is how you build your social profile and grow popular.

However, it is laborious and often an impractical proposition. It is also time consuming and be it big brands, social media celebrities or influencers, many don’t have the time to do it quickly. So what is the best possible option?

Start using an Instagram bot, which allows you to automate the process of liking, following, commenting on Instagram posts which match the hashtags that you set or select. You can even preempt the kind of pictures the bot will come across and set a few default comments which will be added to various comment sections.

Don’t look for cheap options
Freebies often come with a price. You can look for free Instagram bots which promise to increase your following manifold overnight or get you a huge number of likes. Either it is gimmick that you should stay away from or they will help you connect with a lot of spam bots and not real people.

Instamacro is one of the best Instagram bots that you will ever come across. It can help you manage your Instagram profile and help you build it at a decent speed. Most importantly you will have a high ROI. The followers you get won’t fall off in a day or two. The sites and profiles will be carefully analyzed, studied and followed before the bot follows it. Also, the hashtags you set will be carefully matched to the pictures, videos and hashtags promoted by another profile. It can ensure that you don’t end up following or get followed by fake profiles or spam bots.

How does an Instagram bot function?
There are mainly two types of bots. The Instagram like bot can like pictures, comments and videos shared by people who the bot thinks match your search criteria or “buyer persona”. The Instagram follower bot will help you follow profiles similar to yours, that promote hashtags similar to the ones chosen by you or closely resemble causes, ideas or belong to the same industry as yours. A bot has been programmed to identify most likely candidates who will follow you back and give you visibility, new prospects and leads or influencers and industry peers with whom you can collaborate.

An Instagram bot is a marvelous invention and will continue to lead the social media evolution. With better bots making their way into the market, you can hope to increase your engagement level on Instagram and make new admirers and business stakeholders.