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Do I need to stay online and leave the website open to keep my Activity working?

No, you don't. You can feel free to log out, close your browser, or even turn off your device — your Activity will continue to work on our servers.

Will my Likes go faster if I will turn off other actions?

No, it doesn't work that way. Each individual action works separately. That means your Likes will not go faster if you turn off any of other actions.

Why can't I follow anymore people?

Instagram has strict limit for following - 7500. Sometimes even unaccepted requests to private users also count as follows. In such cases, you will see your following counter at about 7450 and you still will not be able to follow anymore people because there are outstanding 50 requests to private users.

! Important

We suggest that you start unfollowing users to free up space for new followings. Read more about Follow/Unfollow strategies here.

Is it safe to use automation?

Yes, if you do it right and follow our recommendations. Please, get more information about automation safety here.

Can I post photos/videos on Instagram when my Activity is started?

Yes, you can do it. We just don't recommend to like/comment/follow/unfollow or send direct messages manually when your Activity is started.

Can I manually like/comment/follow/unfollow while my Activity is started?

We strictly recommend not to do any manual actions while your Activity on Instamacro is started.

Can I use other automation services simultaneously with Instamacro?

We don't recommend you to use other automation services along with Instamacro. It can lead to password resets or temporary blocks of your Instagram account.