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Target Instagram media tagged with a geolocation

Targeting Instagram users based on Locations is a great way to interact with Instagram users.

It's important that you do your research to ensure that you're targeting high quality locations. Instamacro works best when you engage in high quality targeting.

! Note

Locations refers to the geolocations users have tagged their photos with. There is no guarantee these users reside in a specific area, as many tourists geotag their photos while traveling.

Select targeting source

Liking source

In order to Like users based on Locations, scroll down the Settings page to Main Settings section, select Liking source: Locations.

Follow source

In order to Follow users based on Locations, scroll down the Settings page to Follow section, select Follow source: Locations.

! Important

Locations have low popularity among Instagram users compared to tags. We highly recommend adding tags to your account even if tags are not your main targeting method.

Most media uploaded to Instagram are based on tags rather than location. That's why Instamacro will turn back to using tags if there is no recent media uploaded to your targeting locations.


To use Locations as your targeting method, select Locations as your Follow or Liking source. Instamacro works best when you select high quality locations that fit your niche.

To add locations:

  • Scroll down the Settings page to Locations section
  • Enter Target Location - This can be countries, cities, restaurants, venue, shops etc
  • Click the blue Search button
  • Click to select the locations you'd like to add
  • Click the blue Add button
  • Repeat process if you wish to target more than one location

Locations can be edited anytime in under the Locations section.


If you’re a local store in Los Angeles, you may want to add your own location to target your own customers. You could also add other stores in Los Angeles to target people who have visited your competitors’ stores.

If you’re looking to target people in a specific city, you could add popular locations in that city such as restaurants, bars, music venues, attractions, and more to attempt to target locals.