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Target media on Instagram using hashtags.

Targeting by tags allows you to target media based on the hashtags Instagram users have added to their photos/videos.

It's important that you do your research to ensure that you're targeting high quality hashtags. Instamacro works best when you engage in high quality targeting.

Select targeting source

Liking source

In order to Like photos/videos based on Tags, select Liking source: Tags in the Main Settings-tab.

Follow source

In order to Follow users based on Tags, select Follow source: Tags in the Follow-tab.


Add popular hashtags in your niche to ensure that you’re interacting with Instagram users who will be interested in your account.

To add tags:

  • Scroll down the Settings page to Tags section.
  • Make sure to enter one or more keywords separated by comma (Ex. fashionstore, fashion).
  • Once all tags have been entered, click add.

Tags can be edited anytime in under the Tags section.

Monitor your hashtags

Be sure to monitor your hashtags. If you find that certain groups of hashtags are not producing the desired results, test different hashtag groups, or other Targeting methods.

Instamacro works best when you select high quality tags that fit your niche.

Learn more about researching Instagram hashtags here.