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General Instamacro Functions

What is Instamacro?

Instamacro is a cloud based service that automates your Instagram account. We follow and/or like users on your behalf which then attracts real followers and likes to your profile. Our settings allow you to target the users based on hashtags, location, and usernames. You can also choose to only like, follow or do both at the same time. Instamacro makes it easy to customize your settings and solve all your needs.

Do you have a free trial?

Yes! We offer a 5-Hour Free Trial to allow you to test our service prior to making any purchase. Simply sign in with your Instagram account and activate it.

How to get started?

Simply sign-in with your Instagram account. Once you sign-in for the first time, your 5-hour Free trial starts automatically. Once the trial is over, you'll have to buy a license to continue the service. Each account you manage on our website will need it's own license and can be managed under the same dashboard.

Is Instamacro safe?

Yes. Instamacro is an autobot developed to automate liking, following and unfollowing activities on Instagram. We started our service on January 20th 2013 and have defined speeds that your automated activity does not get noticed. So far, none of our users have had any issues with the service nor did they experience any kind of difficulty in accessing their Instagram accounts.

Is my Instagram account safe with Instamacro?

It's safe to run your account 24/7 on our website as our algorithm simulate human behavior by making pauses. What needs to be avoided is following/liking/unfollowing on Instagram app while our website is running. This can result to getting blocked on Instagram during a few days. It's OK to post pictures, DM and comment. All of our speeds and settings are 100% safe, it all comes down to how fast you want your account to perform the actions.

How does automatic liking work?

Instamacro logs into your Instagram account to automatically like new photos of users that are relevant to your tags. This gives your brand more exposure to users that can potentially check your profile, like your pictures, and follow you back.

Do you need my Instagram credentials?

Yes, to initiate the auto liking and following activity on your Instagram account we require your Instagram username and password. However, we only get access to your account with your permission. We will never use your credentials without your authorization.

Do you have any discount for multiple accounts?

Yes! We offer discounts to users with 2 or more accounts. Send us an email/ticket and we'll be happy to negotiate a better price.

How to add another Instagram account to my dashboard?

To add a new account you need to go to Dashbord page, click on "Add new account" and enter the Instagram details of your new account.

How many Instagram accounts can I add to my dashboard?

There is no limit as to how many accounts you wish to add.

My activities have slowed down, what’s wrong?

Instamacro has a speed algorithm setting that manages the speed of activities on Instagram so they are evenly distributed throughout the day. Sometimes, the speed algorithm slows down to prevent exceeding the daily limits of Instagram. Our speeds settings are 100% safe, it all comes down to how fast you want your account to perform the actions.

How long should I run my Instagram account with Instamacro?

We recommend running your Instagram account 24/7 on our website. Our algorithms ensure your account pauses during the day to simulate human behavior. This exclusive technology is what makes Instamacro 100% safe.

Can I pause my activity?

You can pause your activity by turning the liker, follower and unfollower off. This action can be done anytime and won’t lose you any license time.

Why is my account showing the rate limited has exceeded?

This happens when you use the Instagram at the same time our website is working on your account.

Why have my automatic activities stopped?

If you’ve been inactive for a long time or if you have changed your password, the scripts stop automatically. We recommend you re-login to get the scripts running again.

Can I use my own hashtags?

Yes. By default, Instamacro uses the most popular hashtags follow users and like photos. You can target your audience by adding hashtags that are relevant to your product or business.

Why is my account showing as blocked?

This happens when you are active on Instagram while our website is working on your account. Those blocks can last for a few days and will go away automatically. You'll know you're unblocked once the message has disappeared from your Instamacro account.