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General Instamacro Functions

Limit Your Time

To get the best out of Instamacro we recommend limiting your time or NOT using your Instagram while our website is working on your account. The less number of simultaneous account access – the less probability to get blocked or banned by Instagram.

! Important

Avoid the use of similar automation Tools or bots to avoid getting blocked by Instagram. Our system simulates human behavior making pauses during the day to get you the best results.

Stay Active

Make sure your Instagram account has at least 10 images, Profile picture, and biography

Recommended Actions

For beginners we recommend not using all actions simultaneously on Instamacro. All actions such such as like, comment, follow and unfollow can be performed on Instamacro. However, for beginners we suggest you start out by turning on the Likes function only.

Recommended Speed

Start by using our slow speed to ensure your account is safe. You can increase the speed to Normal after a few days and Fast after a few weeks.

! Warning

It is very important to avoid using Instagram on any of your devices while Instamacro is running. Do not use any other Instagram automation services while Instamacro works on your account. Instagram can temporarily block or disable your account.